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Our value to the world

The National Competitiveness Research (NCR) offers an analysis of the competitiveness of more than 60 countries and regions across the world. Most of the existing studies on national competitiveness ranking by overseas institutions are often unequipped with academic knowledge or pertinent research methodologies. Yet, policymakers and stakeholders closely examine these publications and base their policies and strategies on these findings. Our research takes on a different approach by utilizing the solid theoretical foundation of Michael Porter’s Diamond Model and its extended studies. The determinants for national competitiveness in our research include human and physical factors from both domestic and international perspectives. Therefore, NCR moves away from the advanced economies’ point of view, which has been accepted as the norm and best practice in existing reports and uses a research methodology that is more applicable and pragmatic to all countries.


In addition to the annual competitiveness rankings provided for more than 60 countries and regions, our research offers a series of strategic frameworks known collectively as Measurement, Analysis, Simulation, and Implementation (MASI). This comprehensive approach will be helpful for users in business, government, and academia in analyzing national competitiveness and formulating strategies to enhance their position. Through this added method, our research provides more accurate results in guiding toward the most reliable source of competitiveness.

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